Advantages Applying with NEAC

Using NEAC Medical Exam Application Center

Applying alone or with assistance of anyone who isn’t a specialized agent:


HASSLE-FREE & WORRY-FREE Processing: Everything is handled for you


Experts know how to process your application FASTER, SAVE TIME

NEAC is serving Medical Professionals since 2007 and Processed more than 30,000 Medical Professionals All Over the World

You can view the status of your application 24/7 at NEAC website

FOCUS ON REVIEW not on the application preparation

NO CREDIT CARD NO BANK ACCOUNTS needed for any phase of the application, we will send your payments to overseas

SECURE PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS to Licensing Authority and Exam Coordinator

Protect your payments PREVENT FINANCIAL LOSSES

We will return our service fee if you are not satisfied with our service

We will give FREE Processing for another International Licensure Examination if ever you are not qualified for the exam you applied

We can process your Exam Application Wherever You reside

Expert assistance in filling out forms

Computerized and fact-checked forms generated from physical forms from all state boards of nursing.

Complete guidance for the process of gathering information and applying to the right items in the right sequence based on professional experience. Steps are verified and kept up to date as to specific state requirements and processes needed.

Assistance with completing Criminal Background check for NCLEX Applicants

Clear and easy to follow instructions provided for handling FBI Fingerprint cards to prevent rejection

Assistance with international payments via international money draft or company credit card.

Applications handled by processing officers with years of experience and with 100% approval rate.

If there is ever a problem with the application processing our call center follow-up is included in the services. We will track down your application and follow up with the board of nursing in the USA.

Fast scheduling for the exam.

Multiple layers of proof checking to prevent mistakes.

Guaranteed fast and safe express mailing of documents; traceable online with confirmation.

Save time and energy.

Risk-Free: If we fail to secure your eligibility then ALL your money will be refunded.

Worry-Free: Our staff follows up, your eligibility approval is assured.

Without assistance the wrong information could be entered or information could be entered in the wrong way and cause delay and disapproval of your application

Incomplete Requirements: You submitted Incomplete Requirements and cause Disapproval of your HAAD/DHA/Saudi Application.

HAAD Applicants: Entering wrong Arabic Name can cause Disapproval and delay of your application.

HAAD Exam Booking: You don’t know the schedule date when to book and schedule your exam.

Applicant is not sure correctness of documents supplied and handwriting forms can cause typos which cause long delays or rejection of the application.

Applicant is not sure about the sequences of the process. Information gathered online or from friends may be outdated or incorrect.

Criminal Background Check process is confusing for international applicants, this process, if done incorrectly can completely prevent eligibility.

No precise instructions in handling FBI Fingerprint cards. Wrong finger printing is one of the major reason for rejection of application. Boards may ask to send additional finger printing. Some Boards charge up to $75 for second time finger print processing.

International Applicants without existing bank account or credit card may find it difficult or very expensive to send their payments for applications, ATT or scheduling to the related departments in the U.S.

Applicants are not aware of time saving techniques and technologies available to speed up the processing time.

Applicant can make the same mistake over and over if the information is not clear as to the correct process. Applicants can make very simple mistakes by simply not realizing why it is wrong.

ATT can take a long time to secure for someone unfamiliar with the process. Phone Calls to the Exam Coordinators in the USA can be costly.

Expensive phone calls to follow up, sometimes hard to ask the right questions to get the right information needed.

Exam scheduling can take several days for someone unfamiliar with the process. It may also involve expensive international calls.

Without professional fact-checking an application can have several simple mistakes, each one will cost a minimum of $50 to correct and re-submit.

No guarantee means that time and money can be wasted.

Time and energy wasted on applications can prevent the applicant from getting the most out of reviewing for the exam and actually increase the risk of failing NCLEX®.

High risk, if an error is made that causes an applicant to start over then all the fees have to be paid again.

Lots of hassle to research and find information and hope that it is correct.

Worrying and waiting while processing goes on, wondering if there is a problem or if everything was done correctly

BEWARE of home, internet or virtual office based operated agencies offering application processing.
TRUST ONLY licensed businesses with SEC and BIR Registration.

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