NEAC believes in helping the less fortunate communities. We directly participate in some charity projects and also contribute financially to local and international charity works:

Typhoon Ulysses Relief Operation

Nov 20, 2020

Typhoon Goni Philippines Relief Efforts

Nov 11, 2020

Vitamins & Protective face mask donation to our PH Frontliners

Sept 2, 2020

Protective face mask donation to our PH Frontliners

June 4, 2020

Relief goods distribution in CDO for the people affected by COVID-19

March 2020

A joint project with Dr. Elbe Akman and David Leonard during Corona Lockdown in Cebu.

Lilion, Cebu

April 2020

Manila Port Area Rice Distribution joint Project with Mr. Gani Macatoman

April 5, 2020

Mantuyong Community Rice distribution, most of them lost their small retail shop businesses or jobs in mercado where they were selling small items before Corona Virus Crisis hit. This part of the community is very poor.

Mantuyong, Mandaue, Cebu

March 02,2020

Relief goods distribution in Bohol for the people affected by COVID-19.

March 2020

Contributed to Food Support Project of Mr. Gani Macatoman for Vendors Trading Group in Manila who didnt have jobs anymore during Corona Outbreak

March 2020

TAAL Volcano eruption

January 2020

Distribution of packed goods for Bohol Charity

November 2019

Baguio Bethesda Children's Home

December 18, 2018

Distribution of packed goods for Bohol Charity

December 2018

Rice Distribution to Claveria Misamis Oriental

December 2018

School Upgrade Project in Mindanao


Typoon Yolanda Victim - Manila

August 11, 2012

Typoon Yolanda Victim - Tacloban

August 11, 2012

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