NCLEX Exam Online Application Process

We can facilitate your Eligibility, Credential Evaluation Serv. (CES/CVS) and Visa Screen Applications, registering with NCLEX®, exam scheduling, ONLINE regardless whereever you reside or work. We have processed thousands of applications online. We can also facilitate your U.S. License Endorsement and/or Renewal ONLINE. Below are the steps to start your USRN Licensing process:

Fill out our Online Pre-Application Form in order to provide us with some basic information about yourself. Once you submit that form you will have an FREE INSTANT ACCOUNT with us and an Online Specialist will be assigned to you to assist you further and provide you INITIAL FREE CONSULTATION on choosing the right state, fees to pay, pre-eligibility steps, estimated processing time, validity times etc.

Submit your NEAC Service Charges and selected service fees using your credit card or to any NEAC Bank accounts. Bank information will be provided to you in the email you will be receiving upon submitting the above form instantly.

If you have applied for Eligibility or Credential Evaluation Services you will be receiving an Application Kit that contains an application form that has been filled out by your assigned online specialist. All you need to do is the sign and attached your picture. If the application process is requiring finger printing an original FBI Fingerprint card will be also included in the application kit for no charge to you.

Based on the service you have chosen you may get electronically filled out and send forms to your email. All you need to do is to print the forms and sign and attach a picture.

Follow our easy as 123 instructions and send all the documents and application back to us using LBC (DHL, FEDEX or TNT based on what country you reside) envelope. Once applied online your assigned officer will assist you with the details.

Once your envelope is received, assigned specialist will prepare and double-check the application package per the individual state board’s requirements.

During this time the documents will undergo quality control checks and preparation of additional or supporting documents.

Before being sent off, the entire application package will go through a final set of evaluation and error proofing.

Your application will be express mailed via DHL to its final destination in the United States. A tracking and fund transfer reference number will be provided to you via email. You can check your documents delivery process minute by minute on You can also login to your NEAC account (login ID and Password will be provided in an email) and see your NCLEX® application process in details.

Once you are found eligible by the Board of Nursing you have applied you will be informed by NEAC. You can check your status by login in to your NEAC account. If you have applied for another service listed above the steps may differ from this here. You can clarify it with your assigned specialist. Regardless what service you apply you will be provided the award winning quality service that comes with 100% approval guarantee.

You came so far, complete your career investment by getting licensed internationally now which is unquestionably the right step to earn higher salary locally and internationally!

We are looking forward to assist you in achieving your professional career goals.

Start your application now and get licensed internationally!

If you are already a Paid NEAC Applicant you can skip this step & contact to your assigned officer to assist you.

BEWARE of home, internet or virtual office based operated agencies offering application processing.
TRUST ONLY licensed businesses with SEC and BIR Registration.

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